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1. Avarai plant: Flowers of Avarai (small yellow flowers from small bushy plant road side) are good medicines for diabetes. Fresh flowers or preserved (dried flowers) can be taken in the form of decoction. The stem of the plant, when cut and crushed, gives a watery juice. The juice when applied on cut open wounds heals the wound quickly.

2. Manjal Karisalankanni (greens variety):
a. Take ten leaves every day in empty stomach to set right the liver and the spleen and thereby
    controls  diabetics.
b. The leaves shall be cooked in the form of poriyal or kootu and taken every day.  

3. Mango leaves:
a. Tender mango leaves are considered as good anti diabetic.
b. Leaves soaked overnight and should be squeezed and removed. Filter the water - take in empty stomach.
c. Dry the tender leaves in the shade for a few days, powder and preserve in a air tight container .Take 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of water in empty stomach.
d. A very small piece of kernel of mango seed is also a good medicine.

4. Neem:
Dry some neem leaves in the shade till they are fit to be powdered. A few pinches of this powder with 50 ml of water before bed time regularly will control diabetes.

5. Fenugreek seeds:
a. 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds soaked over night and taken in empty stomach every day will keep sugar level in control.
b. Fenugreek seeds dried in the hot sun, cleaned and powdered should be stored in an air tight container, 1 teaspoon in a glass of water will effectively control the blood sugar.

6. Kilanelli: The entire plant( including the stem, root & leaves) should be made into a paste, mixed in  filtered buttermilk taken 3 days a week in empty stomach will cure not only jaundice, also help to bring down sugar level.

7. Vilvam: Juice of Vilvam (2 tablespoons) a day is very effective

8. Bittergourd: Decoction of the leaves of bittergourd, juice of bittergourd, soup of the bittergourd are very effective.

9. Jamun (Nagapazham): Fruit juice ,fruits and the seeds are very effective for the cure of diabetes. The seeds are dried, powdered and taken mixed in water or milk.

10. Fig: Unripe figs taken as kootu with green gram, the seeds when crushed and taken with a spoon of honey are good for diabetes.

11. Banyan tree: Small pieces of the bark of the tree, and ariel roots are soaked in water overnight. The Water is filtered and taken in empty stomach.

12. Gooseberry: Taken either fresh or in dried powdered form the same effect as above said. (While under medication, blood sugar must be checked every fortnight .If found normal please stop the medicine. Continue when sugar level goes up.)

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