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DOES depression worsen asthma? Or does asthma perhaps promote the, development of depression? According to new study Findings, asthma and depression seem to go hand-in- hand for a significant number of patients.

What's more, those with more symptoms of depression generally describe a worse quality of life than patients with comparable disease but no
depression." Nearly half of asthma patients in this study had a positive screen for depressive symptoms," report Dr. Carol Mancuso and colleagues from New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

The researchers looked at nearly 1,200 patients over a 2-year period to identify 230 patients for participation in the study. Their aim was to determine how depression impacts health related quality of life, such as limitations on daily life imposed by the condition, hospitalization. urgent care visits, and the use of nebulisers devices that deliver inhaled medication among others.

The more symptoms of depression a patient had, the worse the health-related quality of life. "Whether this is due to depressed patients being more likely to report worse respiratory status or an intrinsic underlying relation between depression and - asthma is not known."' Mancuso also said that the focus is often on "physical symptoms, especially with a condition like asthma. However, emotional and physical well-being are interrelated and both should be discussed. when patients visit their primary care doctors".

As reported in Business Line News Service

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