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People who have high blood pressure may realize more harm than good from taking an aspirin a day to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Daily, low-dose (75 mg) aspirin is widely used as a way of preventing (Cardiovascular disease. But British researchers report that men with higher, blood pressures may be, at greater risk of bleeding complications from aspirin, and may not gain any reduction in heart or stroke risk.

There might be no case for recommending aspirin use for men with higher blood pressure," according to T.W Meade and P.J. Brennan from the Institute of Preventive Medicine, in London. The authors compared results in 5,499 men between 45 and 69 years old who were given either aspirin or a placebo (inactive pill) intended to prevent coronary heart disease.

Aspirin showed definite benefits in some groups of men. Men aged 45 to 41) years, for example, had a 52 percent lower rate of heart disease where they look aspirin. Similarly, men whose blood pressure was belowwhose blood pressure was below 130mmHg had a 45 per cent lower rate when they took aspirin, the authors report in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal.

But men whose blood pressure was above 145 mm Hg had no significant reduction in heart risk while taking aspirin therapy, the report indicates. The risk of stroke with aspirin treatment is strongly related to blood pressure levels, the researchers note. - Agencies

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