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A THAI herb producer hopes to make men and women happy worldwide with herbal root, extracts it says help cure impotency and make skin look firmer and younger.

Smith Naturals Co says it has taken extracts from two herbs with legendary properties, Butea superba and pueraria mirifica, and put them separately in gels, creams and capsules.

Extracts from the root and stem of Butea superba, known in Thai as Kwao Krua Daeng, have been used for hundreds of years to improve male, sexual performance. Smith Naturals Chief Executive Officer Sanford Schwartz told Reuters that Butea superba worked by telling the brain to tell the body to produce more nitric oxide to prepare itself for sex.

Viagra, the well-known anti-impotence, drug sold by Prizer, works in a similar way by causing blood to accumulate nitric oxide to cause an erection, he said. Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a health warning on products containing Butea superba and
Piieraria, saying more research is needed on the possible side-effects before they can officially be
declared safe and approved.

The Tahi FDA has, however, allowed the products to be sold. Smith 1 Naturals is marketing its remedy under the brand name 'Hercules'. "While Viagra costs $10 a pill, our pill costs about 50 cents,(Rs. 20)," Schwartz said, - Reuters

As reported in Business Line News Service
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