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Meditation helps lower

TRANSCENDENTAL meditation sessions seems to have a measurable impact on blood pressure, according to preliminary results of the Health Education and Diet, Stress Management and Anger Reduction Therapy (HEAD SMART) study.

The findings were presented on Sunday at the 15th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related-Risk Factors Among Ethnic Populations. being held in Las Croabas, Puerto Rico.

"We're finding, at least with the first 94 people who have gone through the trial that our behavioral and lifestyle modification interventions are having a significant effect on blood pressure," lead investigator Dr. Charlie Lollis told Reuters.

"Blood pressure, at least from the anger management and transcendental meditation (groups), is being reduced on average by 12 millimeters mercury (mm Hit) systolic and 7 t 8 millimeters mercury ,diastolic, " said Lollis a professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia

As to whether other diseases may A- also hp a et d by these in so be affected by these intervention Lollis said her team is about "to embark upon (a study) looking at the effects of TM for reducing atherosclerosis that is, fatty plaque formation on artery walls.


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