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Vital Clues To Migraine

WHEN a migraine patient complains that the hair hurts, it is not an exaggeration but actually offers important clues to treatment, researchers have reported.

The unusual symptoms may help explain the causes of migraine, which affects 25 million Americans but which is not very well understood, Rami Burstein of Beth Israel Deaconess hospital and Harvard medical school in Boston said.

He found that neurons respond to the pain of a migraine in stages, and if the pain can be stopped early, the cascade of pain responses can be controlled.

"it is important because patients who have it have a different cause for the pain during Migraine, which means they should be treated differently," Burstein said. "These are new symptoms associated with migraine that have not been described before and that should be diagnosed. "

Burstein and colleagues, writing in the annals of neurology, said that they found that during a migraine, pain signals from blood vessels inside the head make nerves hypersensitive.

The normal pulsing of blood is interpreted as throbbing pain. Tests on animals suggested that these super- sensitive nerves, especially should stimulate other nerves, especially those around the eyes.

As reported in The Business Lines  News Service

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