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MODERATE aerobic exercise can at least temporarily reduce the perception of pain in the entire body. This is true even in people with chronic lower back problems, according to a report.

In a study at the VA Medical Centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, researchers found that 25 minutes on an exercise bike reduced pain perception among 10 healthy people and eight with lower back pain.

The effect lasted for 30 minutes after exercise, according to a report led by Dr. Martin Hoffman. Hoffman presented the findings last week in Indianapolis, Indiana. at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Participants in the study had pain that was confined to lower back muscles. Hoffman said that as long as exercise does not exacerbate a back injury, It may alleviate the pain. None of the subjects with back pain had been regular exercisers, and Hoffman said that inactivity can contribute to muscular back pain.

Hoffman said the fact that leg-intensive exercise reduced Finger pain shows that exercise affects pain perception in the whole body' . So exercise may help any type of chronic muscular pain. "And the benefit may not be limited to aerobic exercise. Some research shows that strength exercises may also improve lower back pain."

As reported in Business Line News Service
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